Persistent Overlay URL for your Streaming

Hello guys! Today there is an important news from Remote Labs. An update of the Remote Ghost system has been released that will simplify the life of streamers.

It will be possible to integrate graphics on your live streams using a Persistent Overlay URL. This new feature allows you to integrate streaming graphics without having to constantly change the Browser Source URL on your broadcasting program.

Just set up your brodcasting program the first time using the Persistent Overlay URL and the graphics for your streaming will automatically update, even if you start new ghosts or if you resume another already started. You no longer have to manually replace the Browser Source URL each time.

At the end of the beta test period the Persistent Overlay URL will permanently replace the old URL generation mechanism. For this reason we recommend that you start using this new system as soon as possible.

How to use Persistent Overlay URL

Using the POU (Persistent Overlay URL) is very simple. First of all log in to the site and go to your Remote Ghost area (Home -> Play Remote Ghost). In your dashboard you will see below your nickname the writing “COPY YOUR PERSISTENT OVERLAY URL“. Click on it!

If the process went well you will see a pop-up appear informing you that the Persistent Overlay URL has been copied to your clipboard. Click OK,

Now open your broadcasting program, add a new browser source (or modify the existing one), edit its settings and paste the POU into the URL field (if you need more information on how to configure the Browser Source on your broadcasting program read here)

Remember to set the right size, using 1920 as the width and 300 as the height.

Click ok.

That’s all! Now you have set up the Permanent Overlay URL correctly. From now on you no longer have to update the URL field value on your broadcasting program with each new game. Whenever you start a new ghost or resume one left pending, your streaming graphics will automatically update.

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