Simplified Remote Ghost for rookies and wheelchair players

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From today is available the new “simplified” mode to play the Remote Ghost. The simplified mode will make the Remote Ghost more playable for beginners and wheelchair players.

One of the main problems of the Remote Ghost is that the game is too difficult for beginners and wheelchair players, because the “break shot” is too important and if no ball is pocketed in the opening shot the player is forced to perform a complete cleaning of the table to collect the points available with the Bronze Run (the runouts that awards the smallest amount of points).

This is very limiting and in some contexts it makes the game really unplayable. With the simplified mode we eliminate the problem. In this mode, even the Dry Break is considered a Valid Break and allows the player to run for the Golden or the Silver, depending on the choice he will take on the ball in hand.

In the simplified mode the Dry Break disappears and with it also the Bronze Run. The game cases after the break shot are reduced to:

  1. Any fouls on break will be considered scratch and will award 0 points
  2. If no fouls have been committed the player can run for Golden or Silver (depending on the choice that will be made regarding the ball in hand).

See also Remote Ghost Rules.

How to start Simplified Mode

To start a new ghost in Simplified Mode, click on “+NEW GHOST” from dashboard and check “Simplified Mode”.

Remember, even the simplified mode can be played ranked or non-ranked.

As in the standard mode, every game played with the ranked option will be included in our rankings and the statistics will be visible in our leaderboards.

The ghost played in Simplified Mode will be placed in separate leaderboards and will be accessible via the “Simpled” blue button (Dashboard -> Rank -> Simpled).

Dedicated leaderboards will report “Simpled” in their header.

We hope our work is appreciated.

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